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Casey & the Flying Fortress

The True Story of a World War II Bomber Pilot and the Crew

Mark Farina’s father-in-law, Casey Paulinski, was a bomber pilot during World War II.  The many questions his surviving family members had about his father-in-law’s involvement in the war prompted Farina in researching that topic and eventually telling the story of Casey & the Flying Fortress.

This book tells the story of a young man from Chicago who became a co-pilot of a bomber in Europe during World War II—from training, to the assembly of his B-17 crew, the men’s struggles after becoming prisoners of war and the discovery some 60 years later of details his surviving family and fellow crew members never knew.

“Military history and in particular World War II has offered a never ending fascination for history buffs and anyone who had a member of their family involved in that period,” Farina points out. “In a broader sense, learning to have an understanding and compassion for how the war had far reaching after effects on family members to this day.”

Casey & the Flying Fortress hopes to make readers realize that the answers to many questions for family members of military veterans can now be found with the use of the internet and old-fashioned research tools that will open up a whole new world of knowledge everyone can learn from.